Congrats to the Cubbies !!!

Not sure if you’ve had the pleasure of reading the amazing story about my wife’s 40th birthday with the Cubs, but because of that story, I am a changed man.

I’m not even sure how to put this feeling into words, or how to act since the Cubs have now ended the longest drought in the history of American sports!

My mom and dad took me to games as young as 5 and I remember going to a friends house who lived a block away and you could hear the roar of the crowd, which always sucked you right in! The Cubs have always been a fixture and tradition in our family.

What a miracle year and here’s another miracle story. Thank you Cubbies !!…/u…/2015/10/sues40thbirthday.pdf


About the Author Mike Kennon

The short version; I ran away from home when I was 14, in 1976 I got picked up hitchhiking by a truck driver and am still working with some of the same customers today!